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Calpol - Leading the way in childrens medicine

Calpol¨ Infant Suspension, the number one selling Children's Medicine, has a commanding share of the Pain and Fever market, with nearly 70% unit share, in a total market worth over £65 million. This position is testament to Calpol's heritage and commitment to meeting the changing needs of twenty-first century parents.

The current Children's Medicine market is worth £138million per annum and predicted to grow £20.7 million in the next five years. This is due to the likelihood of more parents self treating their children as once the illness becomes familiar their confidence increases. Extensive research shows that parents choose to buy medicines from grocery outlets because they know that they can stock up on everything they want under one roof without any fuss.

Calpol is a trusted Pain and Fever remedy for children and has been a household name for nearly 40 years. Paracetamol suspension is the most widely used OTC remedy for children, with Calpol the most popular brand, and the only infant suspension bottle available on GSL. Calpol is also a popular choice for healthcare professionals: in a survey of midwives and health visitors, 76% specifically recommended Calpol.

Calpol GSL Range:
Calpol¨ Infant Suspension (120mg paracetamol / 5ml) Bottle 100ml
Calpol Infant Suspension bottle has just been granted a licence to 'switch' from pharmacy only to the general sales list - a key win for the grocery sector. Calpol Infant Suspension bottles are the most widely recognised and preferred format for in-home use and therefore a big potential profit earner for grocery outlets.
Calpol Infant Suspension recently became the first paracetamol Children's Medicine to gain a two month indication other than for post-immunisation fever, so Calpol is the first medication that many parents give to their children. This is a significant step forward for children's pain and fever management and a move towards the government's vision to widen access to medicines.

Also available as handy Calpol¨ Infant Suspension Sachets (120mg paracetamol / 5ml.)

Calprofen¨ (100mg ibuprofen / 5ml) Sachets
As well as being the brand parents know and trust, Calpol continues to innovate to meet the changing needs of parents. The makers of Calpol also offer Calprofen so both paracetamol and ibuprofen products are available within the same range.

Calprofen, a children's ibuprofen suspension from the makers of Calpol, was first launched in January 2003, providing parents with an ibuprofen pain and fever remedy from the tried and trusted makers of Calpol.
It is also available as Calprofen¨ 100ml bottle (100mg ibuprofen / 5ml) from the Pharmacy.

Calpol Six Plus Fastmelts¨ (250mg paracetamol per tablet) 12 pack
An innovative format for children over the age of six years, Calpol Six Plus Fastmelts are melt in the mouth tablets that have the familiar strawberry flavour of Calpol. They help children make the transition from suspension to tablets and are suitable for older children who want to feel they are taking grown up medicine.
N.B Calprofen 100ml and Calpol Six Plus Fastmelts 24 pack are Pharmacy only products

A reflection of its popularity with mums, Calpol has been voted 'Best Health Product' by readers of leading parenting magazine Mother & Baby for eight consecutive years. Winning the high profile award helps boost sales of Calpol by driving mothers in-store.

Customer information
The makers of Calpol have developed a range of leaflets in association with leading health professionals, offering parents straightforward and comprehensive advice:
1. Caring for Your Child leaflet
2. The Pregnant Dads Rescue Pack
3. Children's Health and Safety on Holiday

The material is free and can be downloaded from

As a result of licensing changes it is likely that many of your staff may not be familiar with Calpol. You should therefore recommend your staff receive focused training to make them familiar with the brand. By training your staff you will be able to further maximise sales and reassure customers by providing product information and advice. Calpol has produced a free guide to the Children's Medicine category which offers detailed advice on children's pain and fever management and ways to maximise profits from Children's medicine. The guide is available by calling 020 7815 3900.

All materials developed by Calpol are available FREE from the Pfizer Consumer Healthcare Advisory Bureau on 01737 331 171 or downloadable from the website Please visit to order products from the Calpol range or to search for more information on all relevant trade materials.

Profit opportunities in the Children's Medicine market look set to make your business healthier, with the launch of Calprofen 100ml bottle into GSL, an ibuprofen pain and fever remedy, from the makers of Calpol.
This is good news for grocery outlets as Calpol Infant Suspension bottles (paracetamol) have already proven themselves as a big profit earner and this innovative range extension is expected to have an important impact on sales. Calprofen, the first ibuprofen bottle available in GSL, can be used to help soothe the pain of teething, toothache, earache, sore throats, headaches, minor aches and sprains and high temperature associated with fever in babies and children aged from three months to twelve years.

Shoppers with children make up almost one in four of the population and this is a key opportunity for the grocery sector. Calpol's extensive research shows parents choose to buy medicines from grocery outlets as this allows them to buy all their household essentials under one roof, with minimum fuss. This noticeable trend in purchasing habits highlights the importance for investment in grocery for this category.

The Children's Medicine category is currently worth £137million and is predicted to grow over £20 million in the next five years due to a greater emphasis on parents self-selecting medicines for treatment of children's minor ailments. Calpol, the number one selling Children's Medicine, has a commanding share of the market, with nearly 70% unit share in Grocery, in a total Pain and Fever market worth over £65 million.

Christina Matula, Calpol Senior Product Manager, says "Calpol is at the forefront of driving growth in the grocery children's medicine market giving parents the choice of either paracetamol or ibuprofen, from the trusted makers of Calpol in the preferred bottle format."

"We will be investing significantly in supporting the launch of Calprofen with a £3 million nationwide campaign including TV, PR and direct marketing to ensure we drive the grocery market for Children's Medicine to reach its full potential."

For further information on Calpol products and availabilty call Pfizer on 01737 331435
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