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Reckitt Benckiser launches Nurofen Express

So retailers can now offer customers pain relief that targets pain 'TWICE AS FAST'
Nurofen, the number one selling analgesics brand in the UK, is launching Nurofen Express, a range of painkillers which target pain twice as fast as standard Nurofen Tablets (ibuprofen).

Research has shown that the two most important things people want from a painkiller are speed and efficacy. The range, which includes Nurofen Express Liquid Capsules and Nurofen Express Caplets, provides retailers with the opportunity to offer customers a Nurofen product that can target pain fast.

Supported by a significant investment in above and below-the-line marketing spends, including a 10million TV advertising campaign starting in October, the launch of Nurofen Express is the biggest initiative for Nurofen since 2003. A massive 9 out of 10 customers are expected to see the exciting new television advertisement. The new name "Express" has been introduced to specifically convey the speed message so Nurofen consumers can easily understand the product benefits. Whilst bearing the well-known target symbol, the new packaging will include a distinctive red 'fast forward' logo - further amplifying the 'twice as fast' message.

Lisa Sharratt, Senior Brand Manager Nurofen, comments: "Retailers can have confidence that Nurofen Express meets their customers' needs when it comes to pain relief. Our consumer research shows efficacy and speed are the two most important things people want from a painkiller, so the new proposition - targets pain twice as fast as standard Nurofen - provides exactly what the customers are looking for."

Nurofen Express comes in two easy to swallow formats - ibuprofen liquid capsules and ibuprofen lysine caplets. Products are available in a range of pack sizes from 6 through to a pack of 30 starting from Nurofen Express Caplets (6 caplets) at RRP 1.99.

As with all Nurofen products, the Express range works at the site of pain to relieve pain, reduce inflammation and lower temperature. Nurofen Express Liquid Capsules provide targeted relief from various aches and pains including headache, backache, period pain, dental pain and migraine.
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