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New single origin chocolate collection launched for Christmas

Luxury Mexican chocolate cookie and shortbread collection from Caf Bronte - With the festive season fast approaching, Paterson Arran, one of the UK's leading food manufacturers, has unveiled a new luxury limited edition gift collection of melt-in-the-mouth shortbread rounds and fully-enrobed soft cookies, featuring some of the world's best single origin chocolate, under its exclusive Caf Bronte brand.

A first for Paterson Arran, the company has looked to Mexico, the spiritual and historical home of chocolate, for its first gift collection. Mexican chocolate's rich cocoa content and intense flavours are the ideal complement to the rich ingredients of the Caf Bronte collection, which features two fully-enrobed single origin chocolate coated cookies and two shortbread round varieties including:
Fully Coated Stem Ginger Soft cookie - moist and chewy cookies with stem ginger pieces draped in single origin chocolate.
Fully Coated Mixed Fruit Soft Cookie - soft and chewy cookies with fruit and a hint of spice dipped in single origin dark chocolate.
Clotted cream shortbread rounds - a combination of clotted cream and Caf Bronte shortbread.
Cranberry shortbread rounds - buttery shortbread combined with real cranberry pieces.
Single Origin Chocolate is unique in that it is made entirely from the cocoa beans of one farm or region. Similar to the 'terroir' philosophy of wine and coffee, connoisseurs argue that this fine chocolate also has unique tastes, which depend largely upon where and how it has been grown. When chocolate is made from the beans of different areas the taste can be difficult to distinguish.

"Although we use original recipes and traditional home-baked methods, we strive to innovate in order to offer customers something different and the move to introduce single origin chocolate to the Caf Bronte range was a natural choice," said Debbie Ballach, Marketing Manager for the Caf Bronte brand.

"Due to the limited supply of single origin chocolate and to drive consumer appeal, we will be introducing exciting new varieties of the Caf Bronte gift collection featuring the very best chocolate from around the world through the year."

Debbie concluded: "With more and more people experimenting with their coffee choices at home, this new Caf Bronte collection of cookies and shortbread is perfect for sharing with friends or indulging alone. The stylish black gift carton packaging also provides an ideal gift purchase and perfect alternative to a box of chocolates at Christmas."

As with all products in the Caf Bronte collection, these are baked to unique recipes using only the finest natural ingredients. They are GM free, made from nut free recipes and suitable for vegetarians.

Each limited edition 500g carton will be consistent with the distinctive Caf Bronte packaging design, a stylish black gift carton carrying the Caf Bronte logo and luxury chocolate quality mark. In addition, each box contains a postcard detailing the selected chocolate's origin.

The RRP for the new collection is around 6.99, with 6 x 500g cartons in a case.

The full Caf Bronte range is available across the UK in independent retailers, style bars, British Airways flights and independent coffee shops.
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