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AG Barr offers Tizer as the ideal choice for parents and kids this Christmas

AG Barr's classic soft drink Tizer was re-launched this year with a new recipe, new packaging and a 1 million marketing campaign including national advertising, PR and sampling across the UK - specifically targeting mums and teenage children.

These factors together with improved listings have seen Tizer grow since launch by 5 per cent and strong sales are set to continue throughout the Christmas period as parents look for soft drinks with a more natural offering to treat their children.

Tizer is a great British brand and is loved by consumers across generations of families. Its new recipe means it is the ideal drink to be enjoyed by children over Christmas.

The soft drink has returned to a recipe closer than ever before to the original version, which was first sold in 1924 and is now made with 10 per cent fruit juice - red fruit has been added to maintain Tizer's characteristic colour, but in a natural way.

The new packaging, building on the 1980's design, highlights this message and also promotes the fact that Tizer does not contain any artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners.

Tizer Brand Manager Steven Downham said: "Tizer offers a unique taste thanks to a mouth-watering mix of citrus and red fruits - it's something different and original, and has been a firm favourite of parents who buy for their children, and for children drinking it, over the years. We have continued to aim this message at our target audiences of teenagers and parents buying for their family.

"At Tizer we have noticed one of the key underlying trends driving consumers to Tizer is that increasingly, parents are looking for products for their children made with more natural ingredients. As everybody knows during the Christmas period everyone's consumption of food and drink increases significantly. It is therefore important that when choosing drinks for their children, parents have the option to choose soft drinks that are more natural.

"As Tizer now contains real fruit, it offers a unique and premium appeal which allows mothers to indulge their children knowing they are buying a good quality product."

Tizer offers a variety of sizes and multipacks, which are available for every occasion during this festive period. Multi-packs containing 6 x 330ml cans are handy for parents as they allow them to manage their children's portions, especially at Christmas when often more food and drink is consumed. The 330ml cans offer convenience so kids can enjoy Tizer on the go. Similarly, impulse packs are available for teens out and about during the holiday, in 500ml bottles. Also on offer are 2-litre family packs, ideal for Christmas parties with family and friends.

Throughout the year AG Barr has offered retailers Tizer-branded POS material such as door signs, chiller stickers, shelf wobblers and C&C aisle stoppers, which have helped to increase sales. This successful POS will continue to be used during the Christmas selling period to maintain the momentum.

For retailers looking for a soft drink which is the ideal choice for parents during the festive period, please contact AG Barr for more information. All products are available now, in time for Christmas.
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