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Rusmail overhead system fulfils safety brief

An overhead conveyor system installed for Florette has created extra floor space and solved the problem of forklifts encroaching on people traffic.

The 250m long cable conveyor was supplied and installed by OCA, France in conjunction with Rusmail Conveyor Systems of Birmingham. The system was designed to free up the operators' work space by carrying away storage crates and eliminate the need for pallets in the production area.

Anthony Fremond, Project Engineer for Florette, the leading producers of over 100 varieties of ready-to-eat bagged salads and vegetables said: "The production line is now free flowing and safe for workers because we don't need to send in the forklifts to remove empty pallets from around the work stations. Also crates are not being left in the area to cause a tripping hazard."

Florette chose the system having worked with Rusmail and OCA before. Mr. Fremond added: "A previous installation in another area of the factory proved so reliable, we wanted to work with the same team. The new installation has already had excellent feedback from our production operators and supervisors."
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