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Tesco choose the "alexipack"® for the chilled ready meals in their re-launched "healthy living" range

The new "alexipack"® board tray system from Alexir packaging was the chosen option for Tesco's chilled ready meals in their re-launched "Healthy Living" range. The tray is leak resistant with 75% of the tray made from a renewable resource, board. It is ideally suited for chilled ready meals, and with the 35% reduction in packaging weight compared against the same product used in 2007 meets with Tesco's weight reduction programme giving it environmental benefits.

Given its revolutionary nature when compared to existing packaging formats currently in the market, the "alexipack"® was trialled rigorously at Katsouris Fresh Foods, Saladworks and Kerry Foods Burton by each of the clients and Alexir's technical team to ensure shelf life, transit and product met with Tesco's requirements.

Tom Sene, Sales Director at Alexir says: "Alexir have been developing the "alexipack"® for three years and has had to overcome many challenges. "We have worked extremely closely with all concerned on this project. This has enabled us to deliver a brand new concept to market that works well within the supply chain complimented by some excellent branding opportunities, resulting in maximum impact on shelf.

"The tray is available in many different substrates designed to meet the needs of most foods and manufacturers alike, and we have worked with some of the most well known sealing companies in the UK and Europe to ensure the tray is fit for purpose throughout the supply chain. It can be sealed with a film lid using most existing sealing machinery and is also available with a leak-resistant board lid with or without a film window enabling full product visibility."
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