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Now there is a coffee with a bigger heart and a new look

With its unique partnership with Save the Children, last year's launch of FAIR INSTANT was an innovation in the Fairtrade coffee market and sales are now making a real difference to children's education opportunities in coffee growing countries. A year on the project is proving a great success and packaging has been re-designed to communicate the high quality of the coffee and raise the awareness of the partnership with Save the Children even further.

From every FAIR INSTANT product sold, a contribution goes to Save the Children to support their education programmes in coffee growing countries. FAIR INSTANT sales have raised 100,000 in the last 12 months for the education programmes in Colombia. Overall, the money has given direct support to over 1,000 of the poorest, most vulnerable children and indirectly supported over 2,500 children through improved quality of education.

The funds raised so far have provided over 540 uniforms and gym kits, lunches for over 850 children, training for over 190 teachers, helped over 100 children attend sports and leisure activities and helped set up small mobile libraries and play areas to name a few.

FFI the coffee people, the producers of the product, are committed to continue their support to vulnerable coffee growing communities, and planning to grow the FAIR INSTANT family even further, to provide more support to Save the Children's education projects. A few product extensions are planned, including the new brand FAIR GROUND, due to launch later this year.

Austin Sugarman, Sales and Marketing Director says: "Over the last 12 months we've achieved great success. It is amazing how much difference can be made by just switching to a different brand of coffee. We are committed to continue our support to Save the Children and hope the coming years will prove even more successful."
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