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Lucozade Alert launch set to stimulate retailer profits

Lucozade, the UK's number one Sports and Energy drink, is set to take the stimulation drinks category by storm with the launch of Lucozade Alert - an exciting category innovation that promises to generate huge consumer interest and presents retailers with a great opportunity to drive incremental sales.*

Lucozade Alert is the first stimulation drink from the makers of Lucozade and is designed to provide mental as opposed to physical stimulation. It contains caffeine to sharpen mental performance and stimulate the mind fast.** This latest innovation from the makers of Lucozade has been developed in conjunction with office workers to deliver a great tasting stimulation drink designed to combat energy lulls at work.

The newcomer, which should be stocked as part of the Lucozade Sport and Energy drinks range, promises to drive incremental revenue*** and maximise retailer profits. The new drink's refreshing Lemon Zing flavour and low calorie content is sure to be a hit with consumers who increasingly demand great tasting low calorie products.

Lucozade Alert is available from April in 250ml bottles and 4 x 250ml multi-packs. It will benefit from a huge 4 million integrated marketing campaign, including nationwide sampling, press, online, in-store promotional activity, a dedicated website and a heavy weight outdoor campaign.

Jenny Hall, Lucozade Alert brand manager, said: "Lucozade Alert is a great tasting low calorie stimulation product that meets an unfulfilled gap in the market. As we know, a long hard day at the office can really take its toll, so people will always welcome a refreshing drink that helps wake up tired minds and boost mental performance at work. Initial consumer response has been fantastic, showing high levels of excitement as well as strong purchase intent."****

"Retailers looking to profit should stock up from April and take advantage of this fantastic consumer proposition from the UK's number one Sports and Energy drink which is backed by a 4m marketing campaign."

*MMR Quant Research Sept 2007
**Lucozade Alert contains 32mg of Caffeine per 100ml & 80mg of caffeine per serve
***MMR Quant Research Sept 2007
****MMR Quant Research Sept 2007 confirmed fantastic consumer response exceeding research norms in overall appeal, taste and purchase intent
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