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New flexible POS scanner from Datalogic

Datalogic Scanning Inc., the world's leading manufacturer of high performance POS (point-of-sale) retail bar code scanners, has launched the QuickScan(R) Mobile retail POS handheld reader, ideal for use at the point-of-sale, as well as inventory counting, price checking and shelf replenishment.

The QuickScan Mobile reader features Datalogic's cordless STAR-System(TM) radio technology, the most secure system for narrow band communications available today. The wide 40 foot / 12 metre working range eliminates the restraints of cabled devices while making the workplace safer and more efficient. The QuickScan Mobile reader is targeted at small-to-medium retail stores where it is crucial to have one device capable of performing many tasks.

"The QuickScan(R) Mobile handheld reader provides an outstanding return-on-investment for users seeking a cordless handheld device for retail, general purpose, and commercial data collection applications," said Pietro Todescato, Datalogic Scanning General Manager for Handheld Scanning Products. "The introduction of this product makes it advantageous for any customer to migrate from tethered to cordless handheld scanning to gain all of the benefits of mobile scanning."

Customers understand the importance and benefits of "going cordless," in retail and office automation environments. Over 23% of the bar code reader market has already gone cordless or expects to go cordless within the next year, according to Venture Development Corporation, a leading industry analyst for the Auto Identification and Data Collection sector. As a result, expected sales of cordless handheld scanners are projected to outpace sales of corded scanners over the next few years.

The goal at Datalogic Scanning is to make cordless solutions accessible to all customers. Offering both Bluetooth(R) wireless technology and the Datalogic STAR(TM) System narrow band radios (for applications where radio interference is an issue), Datalogic Scanning provides customers the right technology for their specific application needs.

Datalogic Scanning has long been a pioneer in cordless handheld technology. The QuickScan Mobile continues the company's commitment to bringing to market innovative, cordless handheld readers for use in different industries and applications. The release of the QuickScan Mobile reader extends Datalogic Scanning's broad line of cordless readers which includes the following products:
- Dragon(TM) Mobile family of industrial handheld readers (1998)
- PowerScan(R) RF industrial handheld reader (2000)
- Gryphon(TM) mobile family of general purpose handheld readers (2000)
- QuickScan(R) 6500BT general purpose handheld reader (2006)
- PowerScan(R) 7000BT SRI industrial handheld reader (2007)
- QuickScan(R) Mobile retail handheld reader (November 2007)
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