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Recent survey supports influence of sales promotions

A quarter of all Food and Drink purchases are heavily influenced by sales promotions in-store compared to just 4% affected by mass advertising. This is just one of the findings of a recent survey conducted on behalf of Fix-a-Form International, sister company of Denny Bros Ltd.

The survey also concluded that discount coupons and value added information, such as product usage instructions and hints and tips, were very influential to purchasing decisions and close on the heels of BOGOF and money off purchase offers. Product promotions giving added value were ranked of higher importance than branding and competitions, gaining a score of 4.1 out of 5, the most important being product price which scored 4.33.

In terms of redemption methods consumers are happier to enter competitions through more traditional means such as handing in a competition form over the counter or by post rather than visiting websites, sending SMS text messages or entering by phone. The only exception is the 21-34 age group who are more inclined to participate in multimedia promotions.

When shown a series of five simulated promotions on a tin of beans participants most favoured the money off coupon promotion. Other promotions shown to participants included 1 in 10,000 chance to win a dream holiday (ranked 2nd), 10 healthy eating recipes inside (3rd), 1 in 100 chance to win a FIFA Football (4th) and free kids holograms (5th). Clearly a guaranteed monetary reward is considered more appealing amongst consumers.

The research was obtained by face to face street interviews with customers who shop at supermarkets at least once a week, excluding those intending to buy one or two items. The aim of the research was to provide the Fix-a-Form International Licensee Network with empirical data supporting the strength and importance of brand-owners running on-pack promotional activities. The research follows on from a similar study 20 years ago and when compared identified that today's shoppers are more readily prepared to buy substitute products in-store, supporting the argument for sales promotions.

Fix-a-Form, multi-page labels are the ideal mechanic for brand owners to communicate on-pack, making the most out of this buyer behaviour. Money-off coupons, recipe suggestions and educational messages are all regularly included in the extra space provided.
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