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SMJ introduces Energy Monitor

SMJ Electrical has introduced an energy monitor that monitors energy consumption - and electricity cost - from a socket.

The new Energy Monitor - part of SMJ's 'Energy Sense' range of control products which carries the 'Energy Sense' logo - builds on the increasing consumer demand for products that offer clear environmental and energy saving benefits and offers consumers the opportunity to monitor their energy use and save energy and money.

The Energy monitor is easy to set up and, by entering the rate electricity is costing and then plugging in an appliance or extension lead enables the user to see the amount of energy consumed and the cost of the plugged in appliances.

Up to nine different types of data can be displayed on the Energy Monitor, including the cost from a socket, the tariff, kilowatt hours used (as found on the electricity bill), active watts consumed, apparent power, voltage from the socket, amps used and the frequency of the electricity. The Monitor also has a memory function to provide additional information.

According to Marketing Director, Julie Hynd: "The SMJ Energy Monitor gives consumers exactly the information they are looking for: In doing so, the user can save money and energy by being mindful of leaving the appliance on or on standby."

The new SMJ Energy Monitor has an RRP of 24.99 and is clam packed with a full colour information insert card carrying the product features and benefits, as well as the SMJ Energy Sense logo.
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