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New look and improved products to keep Yeo Valley ahead

Yeo Valley Organic, the country's most buoyant organic food brand, is starting the New Year with a major relaunch, setting a new, better-tasting, healthier standard for its yogurts, using 60% more fruit.
At the same time, the brand leader's packaging is having a complete makeover, with a simpler, cleaner, more modern look. The new products will be supported by a 3m press, poster and television advertising campaign breaking in February.

It's the culmination of a major programme of recipe development, new product research and an extensive design project developed to help sustain the brand's 20% year on year growth rate. This has given it a 7.2% share of the 1.7b total yogurt and fromage frais business and market leadership of the organic sector, where it has a 60% share. It is also the first organic brand to make A C Nielsen's annual top 100 grocery brands chart.

"We've made new product launches and enhanced the designs of some of our packs in recent years, but this is the biggest event since we developed our 'grass tick' design in 2003," explained Yeo Valley's Marketing Director, Ben Cull.

"Since then, subsequent launches, range additions and revisions to some of our packs have meant our identity wasn't always as unified as we'd like. The aim with the new work is to set us apart again from all competition and give us an umbrella design structure that will cover the children's, mainstream and premium sectors of the market. It also works strongly for desserts and the primary dairy categories, like butter and milk, where we also have brand leadership.

"With the new, fruitier recipes, we are also aiming to make our brand even more appealing to the growing number of consumers who are seeking products that will give a healthier accent to their diets. We believe that the new recipes we've developed, with a 60% addition to the fruit content and even less sugar in our children's range make them the new standard-setter for the dairy cabinet.

"While the new pack designs retain some of the key elements of our current packaging, which will aid recognition at the point of sale, they are now cleaner, simpler, even easier to identify and much more modern. The logo has also been strengthened, to make brand recognition easier and attract the 'mild greens' who are very important in helping to grow the organic sector."

The new ad campaign the main graphic features of the new packs, helping to create quick recognition after the changeover, which takes place from the end of December. It is based round the strapline 'A breath of fresh air from the country.'

New products being added to Yeo Valley's range at the same time will include a mixed box of Yeo's, the smooth and creamy children's tubed yogurt launched in early 2007. This contains three flavours - strawberry, raspberry and apricot. There is also a four pack of wholemilk yogurts called Summer Fruits, containing strawberry, raspberry, apricot and blackcurrent and two new fruity layered four packs, with a generous dollop of fruit compote in the bottom, topped by Yeo Valley thick, probiotic natural yogurt on top. A final addition is the launch of a four pack of fat free yogurts with a choice of two new recipes - Madagascan vanilla and Sicilian lemon.
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