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Sunraysia launches its first 'organic carrot juice'

Health Juice Brand adds to its portfolio with the first organic juice

Following the success of its existing Pure Squeezed, luxurious Five Star ranges and Crush, Sunraysia has wrapped up the year with the introduction of their first Organic juice - Pure Squeezed Organic Carrot Juice.

Sunraysias' first organic drink fits in with its brand objective to build a premium offering within the ambient juice category, by providing innovative products of uncompromising quality, with unique value added benefits to the consumer.

To guarantee the new organic drink delivers the finest in quality and taste, a key focus of the brand, Sunraysia sourced and sampled 15 different types of organic carrots in pursuit of the final flavour - a deliciously sweet and exceptionally clean and fresh taste with a pleasantly earthy aroma.

Commenting on the new Pure Squeezed Carrot organic juice, Business Manager Justin Presser explains:
"To ensure our new organic carrot juice was exactly right we went through a rigorous process of sourcing organic carrots. The variety and quality of the different tastes and textures surprised us and really underlined that organic does not necessarily mean quality.

"In the end we went for the most delicious organic sweet carrots that we found - they were a little more expensive than the others owing to their quality and we believe that by choosing them we really have delivered an exceptional new product."

Sunraysia introduced its Pure Squeezed Organic Carrot Juice to a loyal and growing market for organic goods and its consumer research showed that consumers who buy carrot juice are more pre-disposed to organics.

Sunraysia's new Pure Squeezed Organic Carrot Juice is not made from concentrate and contains no preservatives, artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners.

It is available now in all Waitrose stores priced at 2.99 for a 750ml bottle.
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