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LazyTown Go!Water launches nationwide in Tesco

LinksB2B, in cooperation with LazyTown have launched their new product Go!water, nationwide in Tesco. Go!Water is a healthy alternative to soft drinks, aimed especially at children between the ages of 3 to 10 years. It comes in five different varieties; Spring Water and four different hints of flavours: Orange, Blackcurrant, Strawberry and Apple. Go!Water contains No artificial colours or flavours, No added sugar and is Phenylalanine free. The flavoured varieties are enhanced with vitamins, to ease children's access to some of the most essential vitamins, of which many children are missing out on.

Go!Water was developed by LinksB2B who carry full operational responsibility, including sales and marketing. This has been a long term project for LinksB2B out of which they have established two offices, one in England and one in Iceland. The idea for a healthy alternative to soft drinks stems from the rising obesity problem amongst children in our society today and from the fact that most children need positive encouragement to drink more water. Go!Water comes in a unique eye-catching bottle, designed to draw attention both from funny shape and vivid colours. It has a sports cap for easy flow and less spilling and is ideal fit into small hands and those busy lunchboxes.

LazyTown, the BAFTA award winning and twice an EMMY award nominee is a children's programme which has had a phenomenal worldwide success. Its main ethos is based on promoting healthy lifestyle choices such as drinking water, eating healthily and staying active. Sportacus, the mega strong and flexible superhero, is well known for his choices of water and sports candy (fruits and vegetables). It was therefore highly appropriate to use the images of him and his friend Stephanie as the faces for Go!Water.

Go!Water was launched nationwide in Tesco in November 2007. It has been a great hit so far and talks are currently underway with other major retailers both here in the UK and elsewhere in Europe.
It should be safe to say that finally children and parents alike are now able to purchase and consume a drink that both parties will enjoy. Children for the appealing bottles and good taste and parents for the healthy choice and positiveness promoted with every bottle.
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