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Isklar Norwegian Glacial Natural Mineral Water launches in the UK

Isklar, a premium still Norwegian Glacial Natural Mineral Water, is to launch into the UK market in Spring 2008. It will be the first Norwegian bottled water brand available in mainstream retail across the UK.

Captured at source from a 6,000 year old glacier within the enchanting and remote wilderness of the Hardanger region, the water is naturally filtered through glacier ice and aquifer rock. The result is a water so exceptionally low in mineral content it delivers an unmatchable crisp taste that is both pure and invigorating. It is known simply to the locals in the region as 'Isklar', meaning ice-clear.

Peter Krogh, Isklar CEO comments: "We are very excited and proud to bring a piece of Norwegian heritage back to the UK for the first time in nearly two hundred years. In circa 1823, ice from the same glacier from which Isklar flows was regularly shipped to London, a trade that lasted many years. The brand positioning, identity and packaging we have developed for the launch of Isklar in 2008, encapsulates the mystery, purity and spirit of the Isklar world and we know from extensive research that consumers in the UK are looking forward to its return!"

Isklar is committed to being the most environmentally responsible mainstream water brand in Europe and is working hard to ensure this aim is met. Isklar have minimised any environmental impact on the area by modifying an existing building into a state of the art bottling plant very close to the source. Isklar have also built a fjord-side quay that utilises an existing shipping route directly from Hardangerfjord to the UK, ensuring the Isklar cargo is virtually carbon free.

The Hardanger region is a breathtaking expanse of unsurpassed natural beauty with soaring mountains, cascading waterfalls and mysterious crystal-clear fjords. This indisputably pristine and unpolluted region is protected by two national parks, whilst the glacial wilderness of the Isklar watershed remains unsettled and non-industrialised, insuring the future of Isklar's purity.

The unique bottle design reflects the mystical quality of the area. Designed to dazzle, the bottle reflects light like the dense glacier ice from which the water flows.

With a 2m+ marketing budget, EURO RSCG Biss Lancaster will handle all UK PR for the brand, whilst brand identity, positioning, packaging and design developments have been created by Blue Marlin. All advertising will be handled through Hooper Galton, media shall be controlled by MPG and Intelligent Marketing has been appointed as the BTL agency.
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