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Choose Amber for all your glass packaging requirements

As more and more of its customers choose amber glass as the packaging material for their products Beatson Clark is seeing a marked resurgence in amber orders for a wide range of products across all market sectors.

Over recent months Beatson Clark has been actively marketing amber glass containers for food and drink products, as well as the more traditional pharmaceutical and beer bottles. And Sales and Marketing Director Lynn Sidebottom is encouraging more companies to give amber a try!

She said: "Amber is a great choice for lots of food and drink products. It is perfect for enhancing the rich qualities of dark coloured items such as sauces, gravies, chutneys and relishes and even things like instant coffee and hot chocolate!

"But now, with innovative packaging solutions such as fully sleeved bottles widely available, amber glass can be used for any kind of product as the sleeve completely covers the whole container.

"Fashions in packaging definitely change and this year the trend with Beatson Clark customers has been to give amber glass a try for lots of different kinds of products."

Amber glass is not only an ideal packaging medium because of its rich, dark visual appeal, it is also a more cost effective option than flint. And, with availability of flint glass currently limited customers choosing amber can benefit from much faster turnaround times - from placing the initial order to taking delivery of their containers.

A number of Beatson Clark customers have benefited from the quick availability of amber glass for products that have traditionally been packaged in clear glass when due to the current shortage of flint an alternative solution was required.

Lynn concluded: "We have a reputation for having a flexible approach to manufacturing and working with niche brands to offer smaller volume production runs and fast delivery times. So by offering our customers the option of choosing amber glass rather than flint, which is currently in extremely short supply, we are able to ensure they receive the high quality products and services they have come to expect from Beatson Clark."

Beatson Clark specialises in providing packaging solutions for niche brands and complete product lines for customers with variable needs. It supplies glass-packaging containers to the pharmaceutical, food and drink markets worldwide. Its key to success has been its flexibility and responsiveness, and the high quality of its containers.

Beatson Clark has a turnover of 40million and a production capacity of around 455 million units, or 76,800 tonnes.
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