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Colossal coolers arrive for major cold store extension

One of the UK's largest temperature-controlled food distribution companies is getting ready for the big chill.

Eight sets of coolers have just been installed at Reed Boardall's new cold store extension in Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire. Made of galvanised steel for extra strength, the 150-kilowatt coolers weigh four tonnes each and are some of the largest in the UK. Once the building is complete they will bring the internal temperature down to -28C, producing a huge 3.4 million cubic foot deep freeze.

Capable of holding 22,000 pallets, this latest extension - which is due to be completed in May - will increase Reed Boardall's storage capacity by a massive 24 per cent.

"Everyone is striving to be 'green' and the frozen food market is no exception," said Keith Boardall, Managing Director of the Reed Boardall Group. "Our single site operation is helping food manufacturers and retailers meet their environmental targets in a number of ways including minimising vehicle journeys. The number of suppliers we serve ensures more vehicles are full more often which, in turn, guarantees lower CO2 emissions in the supply chain.

"Demand for our services is increasing and we have invested 7m in this new extension which will enable us to consolidate more products for food manufacturers and help them meet the supermarkets' criteria for continuous replenishment."

Reed Boardall's other 'green' initiatives include the use of double-deck refrigerated trailers. These trailers allow 54% more product per load than a standard refrigerated trailer. Added to which the entire low emission fleet is run on bio-diesel.

On site, recycling covers packaging materials, cardboard boxes and plastic shrink-wrapping. Water recycling also plays a key part within Reed Boardall's environmental policy. Maintaining a constant cold store temperature of -28C requires vast amounts of cooling water. Instead of drawing all its requirements from the mains water supply, it has made the most of its expansive roof area to capture, store and use many million litres of rainwater every year. Combined with its own back-up borehole the company has reduced consumption from the mains water supply by 95 per cent.

Underpinning the business are, a dedicated workforce of more than 600 people, interactive IT via the Internet using multiple replicated servers, the latest transport equipment and state-of-the-art cold storage facilities complete with full electricity generating capability, all of which enable Reed Boardall to achieve market-leading levels of service.
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