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Blu-Tack is turning Pink - and itŐs all for charity!

For a limited time from March 2008, Blu-Tack, the original re-usable adhesive from Bostik, is changing colour to PINK, in aid of national charity Breast Cancer Campaign! Just 200,000 collectable packs of Blu-Tack Pink will be produced, each with its own unique serial number - consumers are being encouraged to 'buy one to use and one to keep pristine in its original snazzy pink wallet' - so that's double the sales for the retailer!

Like traditional Blu-Tack, Blu-Tack Pink is a must-have for adults and children alike - in fact anyone who wants hassle-free sticking. Clean, safe and easy to use, it's perfect for a whole host of jobs, including displaying work, putting up posters, and mounting pictures. Whether at home, office or school, Blu-Tack, and now Blu-Tack Pink really is the super sticking essential!

Craft and stationery expert Michelle Hayman from Blu-Tack says: "Blu-Tack is proud to support Breast Cancer Campaign, the only charity that specialises in funding independent breast cancer research throughout the UK. It aims to find the cure for breast cancer and to do this, needs vital funds to continue its work. Donations from sales of the limited edition packs of Blu-Tack Pink is our way of helping. There are literally thousands of uses for Blu-Tack, and now we have a pink version for a limited time, the possibilities are endless! Retailers should place orders early to ensure they will be able to meet consumer demand this spring."

Special limited edition Blu-Tack Pink is available in a handy pack. RRP 99p (10p donation to Breast Cancer Campaign for every pack sold)
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