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Refill, reuse and eventually recycle with aquo(TM)

* Eco-clever cleaning from aquo(TM) - the new range of trigger-spray surface cleaners that you simply refill

Kilrock Products Ltd, established manufacturer and distributor of highly effective DIY and household cleaning products, is launching a new series of products, known as aquo(TM).

aquo(TM) is a range of household cleaning products with a unique difference - it is a refillable trigger spray. Consumers simply drop the concentrated soluble refill into the trigger spray bottle, fill with water, leave for a few minutes, shake and start cleaning - it couldn't be easier! aquo powers through household cleaning, leaving a fresh aroma, while also enabling individuals to do their bit for the environment.

This new aquo(TM) range includes three surface cleaners, specially designed for bathrooms, kitchens and glass. It is a first for the market, a simple idea which will have a big impact, and it still represents real value for money for shoppers. Each aquo(TM) cleaner comes with the trigger spray bottle and two soluble refills, and each refill makes 750ml of effective cleaning spray.

Richard Davis, Managing Director for Kilrock, explains: "We've used the term 'eco-clever cleaning' to describe the new aquo(TM) range. As we are making use of the clever technology that's out there to make an everyday product more 'eco', it obviously makes a lot of sense to reuse packaging wherever possible. The traditional trigger spray bottle is a particularly unfriendly little item, as the trigger can't normally be recycled due to its metal spring. Our aquo bottle and trigger are designed to be reused at least 20 times - simply put that's 20 times less packaging production effort and 20 times less packaging waste.

"And as most cleaning sprays out there are mostly water, the fact aquo(TM) uses concentrated refills also has its benefits. You are not shipping water around the country you add the water at home. This small change makes a big difference. A delivery truck can carry 10 times more aquo(TM) refills than conventional filled spray cleaners, which is 10 times less transport CO2 emissions. Additionally, aquo(TM) delivers reduced/ recyclable packaging, which either dissolves or is 100 percent recyclable."

Today, there is pressure to reduce carbon footprints and collectively limit the human impact on the environment. The amount of waste recycled in England has increased dramatically over recent years. In 1997 households recycled 7 percent of their waste, and now this figure is closer to 25 percent. Recent research shows nine out of ten people would recycle more if it were made easier, showing people do want to do their bit, but in a way that fits with modern living and time constraints.

Most of the arguments surrounding excessive packaging have focused on foodstuffs, leaving the impact of cleaning products on the sidelines, yet there are over 250 million bottles of spray cleaner used every year in UK households, creating a lot of waste, much of which is non-recyclable.

The aquo range also includes a micro fibre cleaning cloth to compliment each spray. Micro fibre cloths are extremely effective with the aquo(TM). They are also reusable which fits perfectly with the whole proposition, creating the ultimate reusable cleaning system.

Richard continues: "We've been in this business over 40 years. We make products that solve particular household cleaning problems. We have a pretty straight forward proposition, but are always seeking to innovate. We like solving problems and we'll go as far as inventing new products, if the market doesn't have a suitably responsible solution on offer - hence aquo(TM)."

"aquo(TM) just makes perfect carbon-sense for consumers. It's unique, fun, and customers will be 'making a difference' in a very practical way. Concentrates are being used more and more in the washing detergent sector and we think this is a natural development to extend the idea to spray cleaners. It's common sense and it's what all trigger spray cleaners should be. Watch this space, reusable - refillables will be the norm!"

Unlike most eco responsible products, aquo(TM) is extremely good value. The trigger spray bottle with 2 soluble refills has a RRP of 3.29, and the 2 soluble refills pack has a RRP of 2.29, an average of 0.93 per 500ml.

The new product range hit the shelves in Robert Dyas at the end of 2007, and will be rolling out into more retailers in early 2008.
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