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Caf仕irect Partners Sainsbury's in new gourmet line

Caf仕irect, the "Most Recommended Brand in the UK," and the leading 100% Fairtrade hot drinks company, has joined forces with Sainsbury's to produce a new coffee, exclusive to the retailer. Cloud Forest is a single origin gourmet Roast and Ground coffee produced from 100% Arabica beans and sourced from high in the Nicaraguan mountains. The launch is set to capitalise on the key Christmas opportunity when consumers naturally trade up to premium coffees.

"This partnership is a first for us," says Penny Newman, CEO, Caf仕irect, "We are very excited by the opportunity to combine Caf仕irect's strong ethical credentials and high quality ingredients with Sainsbury's retailer power and its commitment to sustainable and ethical sourcing.

"Our focus going forward is firmly on taste. Through continued investment in our Producer Partnership Programme, our grower partners are becoming quality experts, producing some of the finest coffees in the world. And together we are working to discover new varieties that will continue to excite our consumers. With its smooth tasting chocolatey flavour and sweet floral acidity, Cloud Forest is a real winner.

"For gourmet beans we pay our growers an extra premium on top of the Fairtrade price. And because we work directly with the growers we can trace each batch back to the farm it came from. This allows our consumers to connect with growers on provenance and great taste.

"A few years ago a Roast & Ground coffee was regarded as a treat; now it's an everyday occurrence after an evening meal. Just like our love affair with wine we are beginning to acquire an appreciation of different coffees from different regions around the world."

Commenting on the partnership, David Whiffen, Sainsbury's Tea and Coffee Buyer, says "Cloud Forest is an excellent coffee and I am delighted to be able to bring it exclusively to Sainsbury's customers. Initial sales are encouraging, which certainly shows that by working together, Caf仕irect and Sainsbury's can source coffees which can really deliver excellent taste and at the same time via Caf仕irect's Producer Partnership Programme deliver real sustainable benefits to coffee growers."

Cloud Forest is available in a 227gram pack at a retail price of 」3.19.

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