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Make the most of lunchtime with Bahlsen

Accelerated growth of the Special Treat category has created an even greater opportunity for retailers to make the most of midday profits.

As the leading brand of continental biscuits here in the UK, Bahlsen is enjoying its newly regained position as the number two in the Special Treat category, behind Cadbury's, but ahead of well-known players such as Fox's and McVitie's.

The Special Treat category really is growing at an exceptional pace. In fact, when compared with all sub-categories within the biscuit sector, the Special Treat category is once again experiencing the fastest growth, with total value sales increasing by 9 per cent since November 2006 - an impressive profit opportunity retailers shouldn't miss out on!*

This noticeable trend is driven by consumers trading up from staple products to more indulgent ones, as consumers are not prepared to give up entirely on treating themselves. The Special Treat occasion is now defined as the perfect excuse to pamper oneself with high-end products - retailers should also note that this is set to continue.

The sponsorship of the 2006-2007 Parkinson Show has also contributed considerably in returning Bahlsen to its rightful market position, as the affiliation turned out to be an excellent fit with the brand - premium chat show - premium biscuit. The investment dramatically increased brand sales, which are up 35 per cent on an MAT basis.*

Bahlsen's range boasts a number of products, which are ideal for consumption during the lunchtime occasion - appealing to both a younger and older audience.

Bahlsen's Mini Messinos, which are similar to a jaffa cake, are delicately mastered mini sponge cakes with a tangy orange fruit filling. Topped with dark continental chocolate, they are available in a generous 100g bag and are great for consumers to pick up whilst out at lunch and take back to the office to share with colleagues.

Bahlsen has also recently launched Crispini, a light and totally more-ish nibble which blurs the boundaries between biscuits and confectionery. The bite-size product is a delicious combination of crunchy biscuit pieces with a chocolate cream filling. It is sprinkled with crispies and covered in continental milk chocolate, and is available in a 125g resealable bag - again perfect for sharing.

For those looking for a more casual midday snack - all for themselves - Bahlsen Pick Up! is ideal. This innovative biscuit sandwiches a solid tablet of thick continental milk chocolate between two crisp all-butter biscuits. Each pack contains five snack sized biscuits - perfect for consumers on the go.

Consumers are increasingly seeking more indulgent midday snacks, which gives retailers an opportunity to better categorise products such as Mini Messino, Pick Up! and Crispini. A key element which will ensure the products' in-store success is that they are displayed as part of a sweet snack section, or merchandised at the point of purchase.

Some retailers stock different types of snacks in one section, which includes sweet and savoury products. This doesn't allow the consumer to differentiate easily between the two and retailers need to realise the size and opportunity that lies in the sweet snack market and clearly distinguish a section, which makes the products more accessible.

Jon Dance, Marketing Manager at Bahlsen comments: "The lunchtime occasion is a highly profitable opportunity. By simply stocking convenient and ready-to-go treats such as Bahlsen's innovative snack range, retailers can benefit considerably.

"With over a century of biscuit making behind us, Bahlsen has mastered a range of treats using only the finest ingredients, products that consumers are now trading up for.

"The popularity of our product range is ever increasing and so too is our position in the Special Treat Market. 2008 promises to be an exciting year for Bahlsen, with emphasis on the launch of three new products into our range, two of which will be ideal for consuming at lunchtime, so watch this space!"

* AC Nielsen Scantrack 52 w/e 11.08.07
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